Do you care for yourself as much as you care for your loved one?

Probably not. You are a very busy woman wearing many “hats” — juggling what often seems like too many balls each and every day.

You have a BIG heart. YOU are a Caregiver!

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You want to relax deeply, unwind more, feel alive. . . but when?
  • You feel the gentle nudge to take better care of yourself. . . but how?
  • You long for time so you can listen to that Wise Woman living within.
  • You agonize over how to balance your life and caregiving responsibilities.
  • The little girl inside begs you to have more fun, play and laughter in your life.
  • You dream of the things you’d like to do, places you’d like to visit or people you’d like to re-connect with again.
  • You still hear the voices of guilt, fear, not being good enough, not deserving, not enough time, money, help or resources.

What if? This is Your Time. Your Season.

  • the responsible one within you is ready to “fly by the seat of your pants?”
  • the serious and exhausted one is ready for child-like playfulness and fun?
  • the stressed-out multi-tasker is ready to meet the present moment?
  • the guilt-ridden one is ready to listen to her wisdom and find her voice?
  • the one trying to be in control and do it all perfectly is finally ready to let go and flow with what IS?

You are so ready to take care of yourself! This is your time to make a difference in your own life so that you can continue to make a difference as a caregiver in your loved one’s life.

We’d work well together if:

  • you’re willing to put yourself first no matter what and commit to your own growth!
  • you’d love to be able to come to the caregiving relationship with your glass more than half-full!
  • you’re ready to try on some new thoughts and behaviors; practice new ways of BEing!
  • you’re ready for some fun, playfulness and laughter in your life!
  • you’re ready to know what “gifts” the caregiving relationship has brought to your life!
  • you’re ready to get “lost” and “found” in the stillness of the present moment; make some of your dreams and desires a reality!
  • you want to trust you own Inner Wisdom and confidently live from that place, no matter what Season you find yourself in!

The retreat was wonderfully presented and really helped. I highly recommend this retreat [Caring for the Caregiver].  ~Barbara S.

I found Caren to be absolutely delightful. I can see how people who don’t have much laughter in their lives could benefit greatly from Caren’s enthusiasm and message.  ~Tracy Kelly

Meet Caren Kolerski, your Guide through the Seasons of your life.

Seasons of SerenityI’ve worn caregiver moccasins for nearly three decades, both personally and professionally! As a caregiver when you say life changes — I get it!

I know what it means to suddenly become the main bread winner of a family as well as the driver, the planner, the cook and the budgeter. I understand the overwhelm of many responsibilities and life becoming “too serious”, with medical appointments far-outnumbering social events. I know the reality of putting yourself, as well as your dreams, LAST.

Over the years, I studied and practiced new tools that would empower my journey as a caregiver. Now it’s my passion. I created Seasons of Serenity to help as many caregivers as possible to feel good . . . to be happy . . . to trust their Inner Wisdom . . . to play and have fun – all while still being a caregiver – through retreating, laughter yoga and life coaching.

As a Caregiver Coach, it is truly a joy to be the witness to your “ah-hahs”, your light bulb moments when you truly begin to trust your Inner Coach. I get to be your support…your cheerleader as you continually take steps toward wellness, happiness, wholeness and balance. You get to live a happy, more balanced life; your loved one receives care from a happier caregiver and the world changes because you have changed the face of caregiving!

Ways Seasons of Serenity can support You:

  • Caregiver & Life Coaching
  • Retreats:
    • Caring for the Caregiver Retreats: Seasons of a Caregiver’s Heart
    • Woman’s Spirit of the Seasons Retreats
    • Custom-designed retreats
  • Speaking
  • Workshops

I invite You to take the first step. Is your heart telling you that this just might be your time to move forward? Great! Take the next step and check out the details of Caregiver Retreats, Coaching and Speaking. Or Connect with me — we’ll work together to see how you can get the support you need on your journey.