A bit about me, Caren Kolerski

SEASONS OF SERENITYIf you would like to know how I got to THIS moment of caring so deeply for caregivers . . . perhaps it all began with my first name and its unique spelling chosen by my parents – CAREn.

As long as I can remember I’ve cared deeply for people, especially those who were struggling in some way. I remember gently combing my paternal grandmother’s hair nearly every Sunday as she sat in her wheelchair.

My caring reached a new depth when I began caring for elders as an adult. I served them well in their living and in their dying. They became my teachers of Life, Love and Laughter! I love the change of the Seasons and the gifts that each one brings.

As the owner of Seasons of Serenity, I am here to make a huge difference for caregivers.

I am passionate about helping them to care for themselves BEFORE they end up in the same position as their loved one(s). Discover the letting go; the peace and serenity; the new possibilities; the happiness, joy and laughter as you walk a caregiver’s life seasons.

I am the Go-to-Caregiver Consultant at Seasons of Serenity. A coach, a mentor, retreat guide, a compass, a cheerleader, Laughter coach, a deep listener, a natural teacher, encourager, intuitive healer, speaker, a loving Presence.

Some little know facts

Caren, the Laughter Yoga Queen!

Caren, the Laughter Yoga Queen!

I’m a tree-hugger, a bird watcher, a people-hugger, gardener, writer and author, butterfly-lover, an entrepreneur, a good cook, a nature walker, a creator, a change agent.

I am a wife, a step-mom, a grandma, a big sister to three wonderfully strong women, a daughter of a strong, courageous “spirit” woman. I am a Wise Woman in training!

Many of my clients tell me that I really do hear them. I often hear what they aren’t saying which promotes growth in every “wannabe butterfly.” They also say that I have a way of making them feel safe enough to disclose feelings, thoughts and experiences that prevent caregivers from fully stretching their wings and living an empowered, strong, fulfilled, enriched, happy and serene life.

I want to help you emerge from your caregiver cocoon to enjoy every season of your life, including the colors of being a caregiver. Let’s connect and see what is possible for you. I know there is a beauty of a butterfly within just waiting for you to move forward.