Ever wish someone would gently toss you back into the Ocean of Life?

Seasons of SerenityDo you ever have one of those days when you feel like just getting in the car and driving in any direction wherever the road takes you? Leaving all your responsibilities behind?

Ever find yourself saying, “Just take me away Calgon?”

Ever feel like singing, “Where, oh where, has my JOY gone?”

Ever think to yourself, I just can’t deal with one more email, phone call, load of laundry, appointment, school function, recital, creative way to fix hamburger . . .”

“If you think you need a break, you probably do.”
The “Web of Care” Website

Are you feeling a thirst like none you have ever experienced? Like you’re in the middle of an expansive desert with not a drop of water left in your canteen. You’re just not sure who you are or what you want . . . like you’re lost in a fog? Facing a life change?

You, dear Caregiver, are ready to fill your dry well and put on your oxygen mask — called Retreat.

You are ready to retreat, to “unplug” from the computer, Facebook, electronic devices, to do lists and all your daily responsibilities.

My invitation to you…Retreat

Seasons of SerenityA retreat is CPR for your Soul. We all need a time for us. And you’re probably hungry for a time and space for you — only you. I understand.

You may have thought about going on Retreat. You may have already been on one. As a woman and a caregiver, you understand how challenging it can be just to get out of the house — to let go of some of our responsibilities, to trust that others will be able to care for the family, the pets, the house – but not as well as you would!

Make the decision to step off the caregiver merry-go-round and give yourself some rest, relaxation, laughter, and space — just for you. You will never regret your decision to take care of you.

Once you make it to the Retreat, you’ll feel at home! Like the feeling you get once you’re on the massage table and say to yourself, “Why did I wait so long? Ahh…this feels so good!”

I am Caren Kolerski, your Retreat Coach.
As a woman and a caregiver, I really get it!
And I absolutely LOVE being on Retreat!

This is Your Soul’s invitation to “Come and Retreat . . . Ahhhhh”

Retreats have been a huge part of my spiritual growth and healing for many years. I especially love Nature with Her Seasons and the unlimited lessons she offers. Recently, I have also found Laughter to be extremely instrumental in my life, especially as a caregiver. I offer a blend of the best for those on Retreat with me.

It is so important for us, as women and as caregivers, to remember our childlike qualities.  They allow a fountain of creativity, light-heartedness, new ideas and perspectives, solutions to rise from within!

I am passionate about creating a safe, supportive space, a Circle of Wisdom in which women can listen to the deep longings of their souls, allowing Stillness and Serenity time to speak!

Women leave my Retreats so much richer than when they arrived – more peace, clarity, joy, connection, awareness, presence, relaxation. They often experience new awareness and insights, a shift in perspective, an opening of the heart and mind to all possibility!

“A woman’s retreat is about stepping out of your ordinary existence to listen and attune to your truest, most authentic self.  It is setting apart time to tend the hearth of your inner life, feed your muse, reclaim your dreams.  A place to reaffirm your values by giving yourself permission to do what you need when you need it, not when you think you should or when someone else thinks you should.”
~ Jennifer Louden

So . . . what are you waiting for? Let’s retreat!

What do you bring?

♥ YOU and what makes you “tick”:  your heart’s wants & desires, challenges and opportunities.

♥ YOU, a Journal and an open Mind and Heart . . . just BE and allow the Magic to happen.

♥ YOU . . . just YOU!  The other details will be handled closer to the retreat.

I offer a variety of unique Retreat opportunties:

Pray AND Play Women’s Retreats:  Permission to PLAY – to become like a child again – sing, dance/move, play and laugh – while listening to the Wisdom of your Soul.   All of these are necessary components for healing the body, mind and spirit!

Get Your Toes Wet! Mini retreat for a few hours (2-4). Great for those new to retreating or for women whose schedules cannot accommodate a longer retreat YET!  “Caring for the Caregiver” Retreat.

Take a Dive! Day retreats often 6 to 8 hours. More time to go deeper into the stillness, play, discovery.  Some titles: “Play ‘n Pray Retreat”, “Woman’s Spirit of the Seasons Retreat”, “Embrace the True Love of Your Life – YOU! Retreat”.

Gone Fishing! Overnight 24-28 hour retreats and others to allow you to go deep sea fishing with your soul will also be available.

I am always happy to meet with you to create a private retreat experience that works perfectly JUST FOR YOU and/or a group of your friends. Choose one of the above or another theme that resonates deeply with YOUR SOUL. There are several wonderful venues in the area, including some lovely B&B’s, which I am happy to be acquainted with.

Come on Retreat with me and you’ll receive:

  • Seasons of SerenityA Certified Retreat Coach who absolutely loves what she does and KNOWS the value of being on retreat!
  • Intuitive coaching support as needed throughout the retreat with follow-up
  • A beautiful venue in which to deeply rest, relax, renew, re-energize
  • An inspired retreat experience with individual and group activities
  • Time to Listen deeply to the Wisdom within you
  • Time to Learn from stillness, nature and supportive women in the Wisdom Circle
  • Time to Lighten UP – sing, dance/move, laugh, play — become best friends with your Inner Child
  • Time to Let Go of what no longer works for you or drains you
  • Time to Love your Self deeply with Intentional Self-Care and Self-Compassion
  • Time to Leave the retreat cocoon and Let your Infinite Self Live!

If your heart is saying YES, this is my time to go on Retreat, then let’s connect today. Find that special place to Retreat that’s just right for you. I can help. Guaranteed.